Products for kids

Some of the toys, plushes, stickers, cd, boardgames and books I created ! Clients from Quebec, Canada, USA, Slovenia, The Netherlands …

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Latest 3D work made for Scolart

School & Art supply catalog.


Printed books !

I just received it  in the mail! Children’s books for which I created illustrations and characters ! Thanks to the author for the copies !


3D Art in 360

Click on this link to see the 360 degree view: RockfaceCapture d’e?cran 2016-02-26 a? 16.39.10

I created my own version of Mickey Mouse in a mix of old style and modern 3D renders. Kind of vinyl toy  :-)


Mickey Kawaii

First step of my new project. Im going to create my own 3D illustration version of Mickey Mouse in a mixt kawaii + cartoon style.



New Book series

Here is a glimpse of a new children’s book series that will be released soon. I created it for a great guy and author from the USA. I cannot wait to see the final product! :-) … Franfou – Your children’s illustrator.1

Client’s sketch vs 3D rendering

Here is a good example of a great character ready for marketing that started from a client sketch and for which I created a professional 3D render, ready to use for advertisings, web, products etc.


Background image created for a children’s book

Image background, I created for a spread page. Children’s book!Capture d’e?cran 2014-10-02 a? 22.09.56